Automobile Accidents

Richmond Auto Accidents: First Steps Are Critical

No one plans to have an auto accident. But in Richmond as much as anywhere else, it can happen in the blink of an eye. And in that instant, great portions of your life can change.

Your first concern, of course, is any physical injury or death that may have occurred. But in any automobile accident in Richmond, an attorney will probably be necessary to negotiate the after-effects. Virginia is a fault state, meaning insurance companies for each party usually try to place blame for the accident on the other. Richmond auto accidents and litigation, consequently, are rarely simple matters.

The law firm of Douglas A. Lines, P.C. works extensively in Richmond on automobile accidents and personal injury litigation. Our attorneys formerly worked for a large insurance company and are uniquely qualified to manage the path from accident to settlement for our clients.

First steps if you are involved in a automobile accident in Richmond

What happens in the moments following an auto accident in Richmond can be critical to the success of a Richmond auto accident lawsuit. Following are key steps to take (assuming you are conscious and able to accomplish as much):

  • Do not leave the scene: It can negate your claim to damages if you do.
  • Call the police: Their report on the accident will be crucial evidence in litigation.
  • Gather information: Name, address, insurance companies, auto license numbers and driver’s license numbers are of primary importance.
  • Note other factors: Richmond automobile accident attorneys can use your notes on what you observe about the accident scene, what the other driver or drivers said at the scene, and what information witnesses volunteer (but do not actively solicit witness observations as that might be viewed by a judge as an attempt to influence them).
  • Ask police how you can get a copy of their report: There may be an expedited procedure that can help you initiate your claim more quickly.
  • Seek immediate medical attention or observation: Some injuries are not immediately apparent; the court will need to see you took prudent steps to find this out and may discount an injury if it is not documented as resulting from the accident.
  • File your claim: Contact your insurance company as soon as possible.

Throughout, remember that the other party or parties will hire their own Richmond auto accident lawyers to attempt to place blame for the accident on you. That is why following proper procedures and contacting an automobile accident attorney early on is in your best interest.

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